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Techniclal Sound Design

Project: Zodiac Legends

Role: Sound Designer. Zodiac Legends is a mobile fighting game. I created the sounds for these characters and implemented them in Unity.


Project: Ascension

Role: Lead Audio Designer. I managed a team of three to create and implement all of the audio for Ascension. I used Unreal and Wwise on this project. A detailed breakdown of the audio can be found in the video description on YouTube.


Spatial Audio & VR

Wear headphones for the full spatial audio experience
Use the Chrome Browser to enable all spatial audio features

Title: Money

Project: Con Brio Live

Role: Spatial Audio Mixer. My team shot this concert using 3 OZO Cameras. In post I was responsible for remixing the audio stems and creating a spatial mix which switches seamlessly between the 3 camera positions.

Title: Manchester United

Project: UEFA

Role: Spatial Audio Mixer. This is a highlights reel from a Manchester United match. I was responsible for the multi-camera spatial audio mix.

Title: Formula E

Project: Formula E Montreal

Role: Spatial Audio Mixer. Responsible for audio post production of this piece for Formula E. This piece combines traditional head-locked audio with spatialized audio.


Title: OZO Audio

Project: Nokia 8 Launch

Role: Spatial Audio Producer. This project aims to show off the spatial audio recording capabilities of the Nokia 8. I was responsible for producing this piece and the spatial audio recording on location.


Film Audio

Title: Silent but Deadly

Project: 48hr Film Project

Role: Audio Engineer. Responsible for post production editing and mixing.


Title: Sister's Revenge

Project: 48hr Film Project

Role: Audio Engineer. Responsible for location recording. Post production editing and mixing.


Music Production

Audio Engineering
Recording and Mixing
Original Compositions
Arrangement & Orchestration
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